Learn Spanish Online in a way that’s Flexible, Effective and Fun. Online Spanish classes via Skype.

Online Spanish classes, available 7 days a week via Skype with native teachers.

Our online courses incluide Spanish learning material free of charge with no hidden costs. Our online Spanish curriculum is specially designed for students learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Price: US $ 25 / hour

Our services include:

Lessons packs – weekly, monthly, quarterly schedule –
Grammar and exercises.
Correction of the excercises: the student can send the homework by e-mail. It will be corrected by his / her teacher.
Conversation and social interaction
Writing and listening comprehension
DELE exam preparation
General Spanish and Spanish for specific purposes (medical Spanish, Spanish for business, professional vocabulary, literature, etc.). Text correction
Preparation of documents

Why to choose us?

  • Qualified and experienced teachers: we are a team of qualified  native teachers with wide experience and specific training teaching Spanish Skype.
  • The classes are adapted to your needs and interests. Depending on what you need to learn or reinforce, we set up a class plan just for you, so that you can reach your goal as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • Our classes are designed to provide practice in grammar, fluency in conversation, writing skills and learning new vocabulary.
  • The teachers, as well as being professionals, are friendly and make the students feel comfortable. They are flexible and open to suggestions.
  • Skype is a method that really works for language teaching. It is a very effecient way to learn Spanish because it works as if you were in live – in person class. And it has advantages: you can take classes from home!
  • During the course you will have direct contact with the teacher via e-mail and Skype. The teacher will correct your homework, answer your doubts about the class or other questions that may come up.

Online Spanish classes