Our school in Buenos Aires offers 2 free social and cultural activities a week. These activities can include:

–       Salsa classes

–       Conversation classes

–       Movies at the school

–       Visits to different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires or outside Buenos Aires city guided by a teacher

–       Typical dinner with school`s teachers

The school offers free volunteer opportunities to the students taking 4 or more weeks of classes.

More activities:

Tango Program:

– 2 group classes (2 hours each class, for a total of 4 hours per week). These classes are offered Monday to Friday from 8 to 10 pm

– 2 one-on-one classes (one hour each class, for a total of 2 one-on-one classes a week). The timetable is arranged according to the student´s preferences.

Cost: US $140 a week.

Salsa Dancing Classes

Individual classes. Cost: US $15 per hour.

Visit to an ‘estancia’ (cattle ranch)

A day trip to an Argentine estancia  This trip includes transfer, breakfast, lunch, and a Folklore show, highlighting the customs and practices of the Gauchos.

Offered on Sundays.

Cost:US $80

In addition, students receive a 10 % discount on tango shows.