• It is a great opportunity to experience the Latin America way of life
  • It helps you to practice Spanish with native speakers
  • It is good value for money

We have a wide selection of homestay families to suit a variety of needs all within easy reach of the school. We take particular care in selecting our accommodation to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment for you. Some families have more than one room and can host more than one student. If you would like to be the only student in the family, please let us know. Our host families also offer accommodation for couples and families.


The furnished apartments are shared with students and sometimes (young) Argentine people. Students will be provided their own rooms that will include all of the standard necessities: single or double bed, wardrobe, night table, table and chair, etc. The living room, kitchen and bathroom will all be shared by the housemates. This is a great option for those looking for the opportunity to live with a variety of people sharing very different cultures. All apartments are within a 30 minutes distance of the school, walking or by public transport. Bed sheets are available, but you should bring your own towels.

You can book a single- or a double room. Double rooms can only be reserved for 2 students who travel together.


We work with hostels which offer private and dormitory rooms with shared bathrooms. Rooms are simple yet clean and cute offering you the choice to fit both your budget and style. Hostels give you the possibility to meet other travelers and make international friends.

We also offer accommodation in a STUDENTS¨ DORM of Buenos Aires, PRIVATE APARTMENTS and we can recommend you a HOTEL.