Learn Spanish in multiple Cities & Towns

All the language schools that make up Verbum Spanish courses in Argentina share an approach based on common standards that guarantee you a quality Spanish course. Levels are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The practical, communicative methodology employed at our Spanish schools is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to learn to speak Spanish.

Spanish courses run from Monday to Friday all year round. You can start a Spanish course in group on any Monday of the year and individual lessons any day. Before the start of the course we will send you a level test to determine your exact level of Spanish.

We offer perfect coordination among the different locations. There is teacher coordinator in each location specially devoted to organize the work among our schools. There is not any extra fee for combining our schools.

Spanish courses in group are small. The maximum is 7 students and the average is 4 students per class.

Groups are formed by level of Spanish. So you will be placed in a group with students who share your same level of language proficiency. The groups consist of students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, we believe this produces a more interesting and educational environment.

We offer the following Spanish courses:

– Intensive Spanish courses: 20 hours a week, in group.
– Intensive Plus Spanish courses: 20 hours a week in group & 5 hours a day of individual lessons a week.
– Super Intensive Spanish courses: 20 hours a week in group & 10 hours a day of individual lessons a week.
– Individual lessons: general Spanish, special Spanish classes (business, medical Spanish, literature, etc.) and preparation for international examinations (DELE, CELU and others).

Intensive Spanish course in group
Classes are usually in the morning. In between classes you’ll have a short break for some coffee or refreshments. During your Spanish course you will develop your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and practice all language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. The course has a communicative character and is designed to improve accuracy and fluency.

Spanish combination courses (Intensive Plus & Super intensive courses)
You will start your day with 4 Spanish classes in a group (intensive 20) and after a short lunch break you’ll have 1 (intensive 20+5) or 2 (intensive 20+10) individual classes. You can decide the subject to be discussed during the individual class. For example, you may choose to have your Spanish instruction emphasized on Spanish use in a business or medical environment. In addition, you can also choose to focus on grammar or your fluency in general. Because the individual classes are adjusted to your wishes and capacity, following this course make you learn Spanish faster. This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn Spanish but has a limited amount of time.

Individual Spanish courses
The content of the individual classes are fully customized and will be adapted to your personal motivation to learn Spanish. So if you are either looking for an Spanish executive course, already have a higher level and you’re struggling with some specific issues or if you want to fully emphasize your Spanish classes on a subject to your choice, we would definitely recommend you to take the individual Spanish course. Before the course start your Spanish level will be determined and you will discuss the content of the classes and the course timetable. During the course changes can be easily made together in accordance with your private teacher.