SALTA, Argentina

On the first day of the course the school organizes a city-tour. In the city tour you will see many attractions, among them,  the Cathedral (houses 16th-century statues of the Virgin Mary and the Cristo del Milagro, which were washed ashore when the Spanish ship transporting them sank), the beautiful 9 of July Square, and The Monumento Guemes. .

For those students taking a 20 hours course this activity is free of charge! If you are interested in this activity, but taking less than 20 hours, please write us.

Each week we provide our students with a cultural agenda. These activities may includes:

  • Visits to museums
  • Visit to San Bernardo Hill
  • Visit to Villa San Lorenzo
  • Outings to pubs and peñas at Balcarse Street
  • OPTIONAL: “Extended cultural programme”. NOT INCLUDED IN THE COURSE PRICE.  Please book in advance. There are special offers for our students!


  • TRAIN TO THE CLOUDS: railroad, reaching almost 14,000 feet above sea level, is one of the three highest in the world
  • TOLAR GRANDE: small town located in the heart of the Puna Salta, 357 km away Salta city, founded in the vicinity of the Belgrano Railway Station. It is an amazing town, as it is possible to find a variety of sites of natural interest, cultural, archaeological, and geological.
  • CAFAYATE: in the heart of the Valleys Calchaqui of Salta province, 178 km away Salta city, is surrounded by rivers, dunes and vineyards. One of the most beautiful landscapes of Argentina, this town is presented as an alternative tourist unpostponable for anyone looking for a place with natural beauty, history, culture, and recreation.
  • CACHI: beautiful town located west of the Valles Calchaquies salteños. Distinctive beauty, and colorful colonial buildings from mid-eighteenth century. It is located 157 km from Salta city and 2280 meters above sea level.
  • VUELTA A LOS VALLES: only 15 kn away Salta city center, tour to know typical and interesting small towns of the area.
  • SALINAS GRANDES: salt flats at 3350m above sea level where they would normally not expect more than 100mm or 3 inches per year.
  • HUMAHUACA: colourful valley in Jujuy province.
  • VUELTA AL NORTE:  tour to explore the northwest of Argentina