The present tense

The present tense is underestimate, but is the foundation of  the language and also is more usefull than people expect.

The common use of course is: 1) to describe an action happening now.

I see Ana – Veo a Ana

You open the door – Tú abres la puerta

They eat pizza – Ellos comen pizza


2) To express actions that took place regularly, in a habitual way, although the actions may not be occurring in the present.

Usually, he eat vegetables – Usualmente el come vegetales

I often take a walk during my lunch break – Yo camino durante mi tiempo de almuerzo seguido

Sweets usually made her thirstier – Los dulces usualmente le hacen sentir más sed


3) To describe events that will take place in the near future.

I will travel to the beach this summer – Este verano viajo a la costa

Tomorrow we will see the pictures – Mañana vemos las fotos


4) To ask questions requesting permission or someone´s opinion or preference.

Do you drink coffee or tea? – ¿Tomás café o té?

Do we buy this chocolate? – ¿Compramos este chocolate?

(Keep in mind that the auxiliary verb “Do” in English is not translated. In Spanish, an auxiliary verb is not needed to ask a question.)


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