The word “it” in Spanish

The word “It” does not exist in Spanish, but there is a way to use that word and is through the Direct Object (Objeto Directo).

We simply replace the noun (the object) with the pronoun “lo” (singular) and “los” (plural) if the noun is masculine, or “la” (singular) and “las” (plural) if it is feminine.

Although the order in a common sentence is: Subject + Verb + Object. When we replace the Object with the pronoun to say “it”, the order will be as follows: Subject + “it” (the respective pronoun) + Verb.

And in negative: Subject + No + It + Verb.


Now some examples:

Juan mira la televisión – it turns to – Juan “la” mira. (that pronoun “la” replace the tv)

María colecciona stickers – it turns to – María los colecciona (the pronoun “los” replace stickers)

José pinta un cuadro – it turns to – José lo pinta (the pronoun “lo” replace the frame)

Juana no recibió los regalos todavía – it turns to – Juana no los recibió todavía (the pronoun “los” replace the gifts)


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