Expressions with pedo


There are many and astonishing expressions with “pedo”, a word that used in some contexts is considered a bad word in Spanish.
As you maybe know the Word “pedo” means “fart”, but this word is used in many expressions to mean very different things. Here some of the most often used in Argentina:
– “al pedo”: uselessly, pointlessly, needlessly
Ejemplo: Hoy Pedro fue caminando al centro para cambiar una remera. El negocio estaba cerrado. Volvió enojado y dijo: ‘Me hicieron ir al pedo’.
– “a los pedos”: very quickly.
Ejemplo: el otro día el taxista manejaba a los pedos.
– “estar al pedo”: being without doing anything.
Ayer en mi trabajo no hice nada. Estuve todo
– “estar en pedo” / “ponerse en pedo”: getting drank.
Ejemplo: En la fiesta Mariano se puso en pedo.
– “ni en pedo”: no at all.
Ejemplo: no lo hago ni en pedo
– “cagar a pedos”. Scolding
Mi mamá se se enojó con mi hermana y la cagó a pedos.
– “de pedo”: by coincidence
Ejemplo: el jugador hizo el gol de pedo

All thexe expressions with “pedo” are widely used in Argentina ´s everyday language.

Expressions with pedo in other countries:
– “Qué pedo”: Mexican slang expression that is commonly used to greet (often together with güey, which is a derivation from buey) or to question.
Greeting: – “Que pedo güey!” ( “What’s up, dude.”)
Questioning: “Que pedo es ese?” ( “What do you have there?” “What is that?”).

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